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OCD Interior Services

Our interior detailing service is tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. We use high-quality products and tools to ensure exceptional results. With our attention to detail, we aim to transform your vehicle's interior into a pristine sanctuary that reflects your personal style and enhances your overall driving experience. 

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Car Sound System

Standard Service

Services starting at $ 100

What's Include


  • Vacuum Entire Vehicle ( including trunk )​

  • Wipe Down & Clean Floor Mats

  • Surface Clean Door Panels

  • Surface Clean Console, Cup Holders, Crevices and Vents

  • Clean Interior & Exterior Windows 

  •  Surface Clean Dash and UV Protection

  • Pedal Cleaning

  • Apply Protective Treatment to Leather and Vinyl

Sports Car Interior

Premium Service

Services starting at $ 175

What's Included 

Standard Service Plus:

  • Deep Vacuum Cleaning ​

  • Pet Hair Removal

  • Deep Clean Door Panels 

  • Deep Clean Console, Cup Holders, Crevices and Vents 

  • Deep Clean Dash and UV Protection 

  • Clean Door & Trunk Jambs 

Leather Car Interior
Car Interior

Add-on Services

  • Steam Cleaning  *Starting at $ 75 

  • Carpet Shampoo & Extraction  *Starting at $ 150

  • Interior Screen Protection  * Price and availability based on make and model         

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